Units of Time by Rene Schwolow

Units of Time is a collection of wall clocks that tell time in a novel, albeit cryptic fashion. Designer Rene Schwolow is a student at Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany.

Schwolow not only pushes the boundaries of design culture, but challenges our ideas and perceptions of time. She sought to question time’s existence while suggesting its inherent perishability.

Perhaps Schwolow can help us understand the delicacy of time with her novel approach to the seconds, minutes and hours that fill our day.

Schwolow-UnitsofTime3 Schwolow-UnitsofTime2 Schwolow-UnitsofTime1 Via: Minimalissimo

Written by Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer is a student at Queen's University learning the ebb and flow of the business world with her degree in Economics. She has a love for the constantly evolving fields of fashion, technology and entrepreneurship.