Pillar by Foald

Pillar is a piece created by German-based designer Foald. Foald is a team of 3 creators that have collaborated for this Kickstarter project.

Pillar is a lightweight, foldable laptop stand that makes working at a desk a more comfortable experience. This project addresses the issue of poor posture and potential long term health concerns that may arise from improper laptop use.

Foald found inspiration for Pillar from the basalt columns that populate Berlin. The hexagonal shape is at once a compelling and durable laptop accessory.Foald-Pillar4 Foald-Pillar2

Via: Leibal

Written by Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer is a student at Queen's University learning the ebb and flow of the business world with her degree in Economics. She has a love for the constantly evolving fields of fashion, technology and entrepreneurship.