Mutant Vase by Yiannis Ghikas

Greek designer Yiannis Ghikas seamlessly blends his knowledge of Computer Science and Design in all of his creations. His latest piece, the Mutant Vase, is no different.

The vase was produced from a 3D printer and was inspired by the special effect of creatures moving under a person’s skin. He used a 3D printer to help him achieve this illusion.

The ridges of the Mutant Vase increase in depth towards the centre, enhancing the sense of its surface being stretched from within. The vase is printed from ABS plastic.


Via: Dezeen

Written by Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer is a student at Queen's University learning the ebb and flow of the business world with her degree in Economics. She has a love for the constantly evolving fields of fashion, technology and entrepreneurship.