Motion Dazzle by Gunmad and Unit Editions

Gunmad designs a portfolio of fonts displayed in the Motion Dazzle exhibition catalogue. The exhibition is a collaborative effort with Unit Editions.

Gunmad, a London-based design duo, have generated type faces for the past couple of years. A handful of large outlets such as The New York Times, The Wire and 2015 Sundance Film Festival have made use of their typography.

Motion Dazzle will be a full demonstration of Gunmad’s letterforms in use, and the individual specimens can be seen at Unit Edition’s inaugural at Unit Gallery in London.

Gunmad_MotionDazzle2 Gunmad_MotionDazzle3 Gunmad_MotionDazzle4

Via: It’s Nice That

Written by Yousif Shashati

Yousif is a Communications graduate working as a marketing/editorial intern at MIJLO. He lived in Sudan, Malaysia and now in Canada. He enjoys a good joke.