Protrude by YOY

Japan-based design studio YOY has designed a minimalist tray called Protrude. The tray is designed in such a way that it forever appears to be teetering on the edge of its perch.

The tray itself is made of wood, with a stainless steel clamp fixed to the bottom to secure it to the table. Once the clamp has been secured, the tray can be rotated around at different angles – in some cases creating a disastrous illusion. YOY-Protrude-02YOY-Protrude-03YOY-Protrude-04Via: Leibal

Written by Anysia

Anysia is a 23 year old media student currently completing her degree in media studies and photography. She sees life through the lens of a camera and aims to inspire those around her through her photography.