The History of Art in 100 Words by MIJLO

The History of Art in 100 words is an online project that stemmed from our desire to build an interactive resource for those with an interest in art history.

We realized that most books on the topic of art history spill out over thousands of pages, so we tried to reduce it to 100 words.

It’s a great space for esteemed artists to reacquaint with the bedrock of their craft and a place where newcomers can dive into a topic as deep or shallow as they please.

Every major iconic period has been highlighted – from cave painting to contemporary CGI. Each period houses an interactive feature that allows you to learn more about each era, genre and the works within.MIJLO The History of Art 100 Words 2MIJLO The History of Art 100 Words

Written by Jennifer Nguyen

Jennifer is a student at Queen's University learning the ebb and flow of the business world with her degree in Economics. She has a love for the constantly evolving fields of fashion, technology and entrepreneurship.