Island House by 2by4-architects

A simple framed structure with glass walls that invite the outside world in create the perfect recreational space with the Island House by Dutch based designers 2by4-architects.

This minimalist inspired lake view house does very much with just very little of the space it is given. A double wall provides all the basic amenities for comfort including a bathroom, shower, kitchen and storage area.

Besides providing a view, the rear window also opens up to let the outside wood terrace become part of the living room. A hanging fireplace in the living area is also rotatable to the outside space, adding a level of comfort for when the nights turn chilly.




Via: Ignant


Written by David Ingram

Originally hailing from the majestic province of Saskatchewan, David Ingram is a University of Western Ontario journalism graduate now living in Toronto. He enjoys fashion, moderately priced beer and telling a good story.

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