Feit Store by Jordana Maisie and Tull Price

A second collaboration between artist and designer Jordana Maisie and company co-founder Tull Price has resulted in Feit‘s opening its sophomore New York City store. This new West Village location doubles as an installation, entitled “Installation Two: Volume and Void.”

In the space, Feit—a designer of neoluxury footware and accessories for both men and women—will carry the brand’s full range of classic and seasonal styles, in addition to offering repairs.

The design of the shop pairs raw and natural materials with digital technology. Geometric shapes come in stacked and duplicated forms, generating both volume and void.

maisie_feit2 maisie_feit3 maisie_feit4

Via: superfuture

Written by Carolyn Buszynski

Carolyn is a McGill University graduate currently living and working in Toronto.