Concept Store by Kaktus København

Kaktus København, a new concept store, has recently opened in Copenhagen’s trendy Nørrebro district. The shop specializes in over 150 species of cacti and succulents, sourced from a local Danish grower.

Friends and founders Maja and Gro Samsoe Bastian and Cille Krawack have settled into the space after plying their wares at various fairs and markets across the city. The shop also offers a selection of decorative containers, including hanging pots.

The beautiful presentation and curation of the plants and the relatively low level of maintenance required to keep cacti and succulents healthy are sure to appeal to those looking to add some stylish greenery to their space.

kaktus-københavn_concept-store2 kaktus-københavn_concept-store3 kaktus-københavn_concept-store4

Via: Wallpaper

Written by Carolyn Buszynski

Carolyn is a McGill University graduate currently living and working in Toronto.