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Oddds Interview

This unconventional agency from Singapore maintains that good design is the marriage of thought-provoking craft and art. Oddds’ playful and unique approach to design tells a story and pays homage to the human need for simplicity and a functional vision.

Who Are You ?

We are Reinold & Sarah, the art director and design director, respectively, of Oddds Studio.

What do You Do?

Our main focuses are branding, art direction and graphic design.

Our work reflects significantly on behavior and futurism. We believe in aesthetics, and the power they have to draw attention and influence people.

If you come up with anomalous works, people start to take notice and are willing to take that step closer to listen to what you have to say, stylistically.

Where Did You Grow Up ?

Reinold grew up in Penang while Sarah grew up in Singapore.


When Did You Take Your First Big Risk in Life?

Our first big risk in life came when we decided to make a career out of doing what we love, and knowing that we may not always be financially successful.

Why Have You Found Success So Far?

We are still in the midst of learning and experimenting with what we do. So far we have managed to accomplish certain aspects of what we had in mind.

We are unsure whether we have found success, but we always make the effort to give our best work to our clients.

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Who is Someone You’d Love to Work With, But Can’t?

We don’t have specific people in mind that we would love to work with, but we always wish to collaborate with different designers from all over the world, be it typographers, photographers or just like-minded folks.

What Are You Working on Now?

Currently, we are working on branding projects for our clients. We are trying to be more active on social media as well.

Where Do You Spend Most of Your Free Time?

We start the day by making a cup of coffee and brainstorming new ideas for design and experimentation.

We also like discovering new music; it provides us with a great deal of inspiration.

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When You Look Back At Your Life So Far, Describe Your Biggest Success.

We have different goals in our lives. We hope that our work  inspires people around the world, and that they share our beliefs that design is a visual form of communication that cannot be expressed in just a word alone.

We hope that we can let more people know about the importance of art and design.

Why Are You Doing This Interview?

We are grateful that Mylo found us. Mylo is a great platform for us to share our story with people.

Written by Vibz

Vibhu Gairola is a writer, thinker and tea enthusiast who has lived in Singapore, India and Cambodia before settling in Toronto. He is serious about getting things right.

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