JD-E Industrial Design Studio Interview

JD-E Industrial Design Studio is based in Mexico. It specializes in product design, furniture design and strategic consultancy for companies globally. The studio strives to create products that bring design into daily routines combining cultural factors and technology.

Who are you?

My name is Jorge Diego Etienne and I’m an Industrial Designer.

What do you do?

I run a studio in Monterrey, Mexico where we work on a wide range of projects, from products to furniture, and lately electronics and strategic consultancy. Besides the studio, I’m involved in other design related projects.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Tampico, a smaller city in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. I guess it’s primary influence on me has been a go-get attitude combined with a work and life balance.


When did you take your first big risk in life?

For me it’s always been about taking the road less traveled and risking it all to gain experience and growing as a creative individual. Ever since I decided to become a designer I’ve been fortunate to that my risky choices have paid off and have taken me to all kinds of places around the world where I’ve learn so much and made me who I am today.

Why have you persisted with the path you’re currently on?

Because perseverance works. I’m very passionate about every project I’m involved with and really enjoy working hard at them.


Who is someone you’d love to work with?

Most of the companies I admire and would like to work for have a great leader behind them. Top of mind I can name three; Alberto Alessi, Patricia Moroso and Giuolo Cappellini, each run impecable design driven companies that put out amazing works with designers from all over the globe.

What are you working on now?

At the studio we continue to work constantly on office furniture designs for Ofimodul. At the same time we are working on an innovative lighting design project, urban furniture and we recently began to work on several electronic products that provide a whole new challenge for us.


Who are a few people in your field that have influenced you?

I’ve been very lucky to have work with amazing designers that have influence me in very positive ways. I worked with Khodi Feiz in Amsterdam, this experience changed me perspective on how to do design. In Japan I learn a lot from Yamamoto Sensei, his sensibility for life and how it shapes design was a mind blowing lesson for me.

Today, the constant contact I have with my colleagues from Cooperativa Panoramica is probably has help me bring my work to a whole new level and still keep pushing me every day to be a better designer from all angles.

What do you think is your biggest success so far?

I think my biggest success is enjoying so much what I do. Every single day I wake up I’m exciting to go back to work in the challenging projects we have with clients we love to work with through a process that is driven by learning so much new things and applying the to our designs. Still, I stay hungry for more and I’m never satisfy, so it’s hard for me to name a biggest success in terms of our work.

Written by Faizan Tariq

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