Afteroom Inteview

Afteroom is a Stockholm-based design studio that aims to create beautiful products whose value increases over time. Afteroom provides exclusive products, interior design and consulting services according to each client’s unique requirements.

Who are you?

We are Afteroom design studio based in Stockholm, founded and directed by Hung-Ming Chen and Chen-Yen Wei.

What do you do?

We provide exclusive product, interior design and consult services according to each client’s unique requirements. Our mission is simply to create beautiful products which will add value over time – design to grow old with.

The inspiration derives from an intriguing interest of forms, senses, proportions, materials and cultures. The philosophy pivots around simplicity and honesty.

Where did you grow up?

We grew up in Taiwan. The obvious influence of our background is the cuisine culture we obtained when we were little. Everything that happens during childhood is powerful. Once you get used to it, it follows. We think we’re going to have Taiwanese stomachs for the rest of our lives no matter where we are.


When did you take your first big risk in life?

Ten years ago when we got married to each other. Even though we were quite naïve at the time, we knew that our lives were going to be different afterwards.

Why have you persisted with the path you’re currently on?

Both of us love design, we enjoy the process of creativity a lot. Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like work. Integrating our interests into our career is the happiest part while we’re working. We can only say we’re lucky to keep doing things that we like.


Who is someone you’d love to work with, but can’t?

Dieter Rams, one of the design masters we respect deeply. His flawless design pieces are simple but invincible. We always keep his ”Design Principles For Good Design” in mind while we work.

What are you working on now?

A family collection called Afteroom Chairs. More news will be coming in the near future.


Who are a few people in your field that have influenced you?

We think the most influential person for us right now is our daughter. She constantly influences the way that we think and act each day.

What do you think is your biggest success so far?

It’s a hard question, maybe we’re still not qualified to talk about this. The jar of desire can never be filled up, as long as we can sleep and eat well, keep a positive mood every day, we’re on the way to achieving our next goal. However, for us, happiness is always prior to success.

Written by Faizan Tariq

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