What to Wear to a Wedding - 5 Easy Steps

What to Wear to a Wedding: 5 Easy Tips

Deciding on the proper attire for a wedding sometimes is not as simple as black or white. Before you select what to wear on the actual day, you should have received an invitation dictating the dress code for the occasion. Once that has been established, you can dress for the event with confidence.

1. High Quality Trousers

Formal occasions such as these necessitate the best quality trousers possible. Look for black pants with a silken stripe down each side from a reputable label, checking for fine stitching to ensure that they are made from the best materials possible. 

2. Tailored Vests

Wedding day attire typically calls for men to wear a few accessories and none works as well as a great vest. From patterns to stripes, tweed to velvet, an immaculate vest under a great jacket is a wedding wear high note.

3. Ties and Pocket Squares

For men that are attending a wedding, there is room to venture beyond regular ties usually worn at wedding events. Alternative options to consider include a bowties and pocket squares that can add a touch of elegance to any formal occasion.

4. Dress Shirt Options

Men can choose from among large assortment of colors for dress shirts to wear to a wedding ceremony. The dress shirt worn should fit perfectly and work well with the other accessories you opt to wear for the wedding event.

5. Accessories

Tie options include silk or satin ties or bow ties, as well as cummerbunds. Similarly, belts, suspenders, and vests should all be black. Proper cuff links for a wedding dictate silver for daytime, gold for evening weddings.

Final Tips

Whatever you wear on the actual date, try on the entire suit with accessories beforehand to ensure a proper fit. Last but certainly not least, comfortable shoes are an absolute must for an event like a wedding which can run for several hours.

Written by Carolyn Buszynski

Carolyn is a McGill University graduate currently living and working in Toronto.