What to Wear for a Run

The last few years have seen a revolution in the menswear industry, with sportswear becoming more mainstream. These days, there are more options to consider for exercise: below, are some options that men can wear to carry them from work to the gym.

1. Running Pants

Today, sweatpants are just as suitable off the track as they are running around our most fashion-conscious concrete jungles. Contoured track pants and fitted cotton pants can take men from the gym and beyond.

2. Running Shorts

Available in various styles and fits, running shorts made from nylon, cotton, and fitted linen are options to consider. For short runs, fitted linen shorts are ideal, and for longer runs, nylon shorts with lining are perfect options.

3. Sweaters and Hoodies

The fitness market has an extensive range of sweaters and hoodies appropriate for a workout and are fashionable enough to wear casually on the streets. Wool hoodies for winter runs are ideal, while cotton sweaters for short runs in the summer are another great option.

4. Tanks and T-shirts

Runners have plenty of options when it comes to tops. Cotton tank tops have always been a fitness mainstay and can be worn underneath a sweater as layering or alone. Statement t-shirts with logos and ribbed tank tops are another option to consider.

5. Footwear

The most important component for runners are their shoes. If running on a track, lighter weight footwear is preferable. For all-terrain runs, the best choice is a shoe with good treads that are going to support runs through forests and harsher conditions.



Written by Breanna Muir