The Mylo Guide to Mens Shirts in 5 Simple Steps

The Mylo Guide to Men’s Shirts

With endless options available, something as seemingly simple as choosing a shirt can become a difficult decision. These tips will help you choose the perfect shirt for whatever you’re up to.

1. Invest in Polo Shirts

A staple in menswear since the beginning of modern apparel, polo shirts should be in every man’s wardrobe. Easily dressed up or down, pair them with jeans for a day out or throw on a jacket for a more formal setting.

2. Stock Up on Dress Shirts

Every man will need dress shirts for formal occasions and to wear to the office. An abundance of quality dress shirts is key, so stock up on some that will keep you looking impeccable every day of the week.

3. A Large Collection of T-Shirts

T-shirts are an absolute must in every man’s wardrobe and are the ideal choice for loungewear. Perfect on their own or underneath more formal men’s shirts, t-shirts in an array of colors are compulsory.

4. Mind Your Collar

Selecting a quality collar on your shirts can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your outfit. Choose a stiff collar, preferably one with whalebones inserted inside for stiffness.

5. Find the Right Fabrics

The material a shirt is made with can make or break the piece. Avoid options made with polyester and instead buy men’s shirts made from 100% cotton to ensure a great fit and feel. 

Final Points

The right shirt can truly upgrade a man’s look. Another tip to note is to always opt for a fitted shirt over one that hangs loosely off the frame. A properly fitted shirt makes your ensemble that much more elegant and refined.

Written by Carolyn Buszynski

Carolyn is a McGill University graduate currently living and working in Toronto.