Small Bedroom Ideas: 10 Space Saving Tips

Saving space in a small bedroom may seem like a daunting task, especially when you have tons of stuff to sort through. Fortunately, minimal beauty can be achieved in as few as 10 simple steps. We’ve outlined the best ways to transform your small bedroom into a clutter-free zone.

1. Build a Theme with a Comforter Set

Find a comforter set in your favorite tones, then select wall colors and accent hues afterwards. Implement space-saving neutral shades to “expand” your small bedroom.

2. Use Gigantic Plush Pillows for Space-Saving Coziness

Plush pillows are lightweight and airy – an atmosphere you want in your small bedroom. The appearance of gigantic, fluffy pillows on your bed will trigger a lush, comfortable vibe not usually associated with small bedrooms.

3. Clear the Clutter

If you have too many shoes, coats or books taking up bedroom floor space, give them away to people who can use them. The same goes for most of the cluttered household objects that find their way through the door of  your boudoir.

4. Organize Bedroom Must-Haves

When you have cleared the clutter of everyday life from your small bedroom, be sure to organize your essentials. Hang paintings and picture frames, stow away your extra blankets, and make use of storage bins under your bed.

5. Leave Your Walls Off-White

A neutral color can always be spiced up with colorful essentials. Plus, off-white is an instantaneous space-saver when it comes to visual presentation.

6. Use Patterned Accessories as Accents

As mentioned above, off-white walls are best broken up with colorful accents. However, instead of using one specific color and pattern, use a mixture of different shades and designs in the same palette to add depth and texture.

7. Always Choose Natural Sunlight

Implement a new rule – if sunshine filters through the windows of your small bedroom, avoid using artificial lights. Not only will this save on your electric bill, it will also create an illusion of a larger, more luxurious space.

8. Use Small Lamps at Night

After the sun has set, limit your small bedroom’s artificial light to a few small lamps that can be easily affixed to your walls. Your bedroom should be a designated sleep space, which means a soft glow should be all you need to read and snooze.

9. Keep it Sparse

As we mentioned, it’s easy to bring the clutter of everyday household life into your small bedroom. Resist the temptation! Mark your bedroom mentally as a clutter-free zone. Follow this rule or deal with the return of your unnecessary clutter.

10. Add a Mantle for Essentials

A mantle is essential for must-haves in your small bedroom. Install it, then add a few books, a reading light, and any essentials that get you through your nightly bedroom routine.

Leave Space for a Stroll

You don’t want to stub your toe on a midnight trudge to the bathroom. Keep it simple: bed, nightstand and a dresser. The best small bedrooms leave plenty of space for movement.

Written by Emma Vos

Emma is a collector, curator, and culture fanatic. After attending University in Amsterdam for Art History, Emma developed a passion for ceramics, which she now sells in independent shops around the world.