Retro Wear for Men: How to Shop for Vintage Menswear

The search for great vintage apparel takes patience. It’s important to find pieces that will coordinate with  your preexisting wardrobe. Shopping for retro wear doesn’t have to be a daunting task, take the following tips into consideration.

1. Research Your Neighborhood

It’s more then likely that there are already some vintage clothing stores in your neighborhood. Check your local listings, search online, and visit secondhand shops, it’s likely that after some digging, you’ll come across some great pieces.

2. Hit Up Yard Sales

Yard sales, which generally include undiscovered treasures, are a great place to find retro wear in excellent condition. An ideal garage sale will have vintage pieces dating back a few decades.

3. Consignment Shops

Second-hand stores, vintage ateliers, and consignment shops typically have a section that features retro or vintage menswear. Consignment shops typically carry clothes that have been handled with care, ensuring a better cared for vintage.

4. Antique Stores

After you’ve tried yard sales and consignment shops, antique stores are the next step. Typically, if the antique store carries apparel, they will be in pristine condition.

5. Inspection Protection

Buying second-hand or vintage clothing means you run the risk of acquiring apparel that is damaged in some way. Before buying, make sure that the clothing you buy is in wearable condition.

Final Style Tips

Often, vintage clothing is made with good quality fabrics that are expensive today. When you purchase vintage menswear, check the tags to find out the best way to care for them.

Written by Breanna Muir