How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt

How to Choose the Right Dress Shirt

For men, searching for the perfect dress shirt may be difficult. Once you know what to look for, incorporating dress shirts into your wardrobe will upgrade your overall look.

1. Select a Color

Colour is an important component to the right dress shirt. For a more formal occasion, opt for conservative colors, like blue or gray. For casual occasions, dark red, blue, and hunter green are also great.

2. Choose a Pattern

Dress shirts don’t always have to be a solid color. To switch things up, consider a dress shirt with stripes or a plaid pattern. For a formal occasion, a patterned shirt with the right tie can elevate your overall look.

3. Style Considerations

There are several styles of dress shirts to consider. Do you prefer a more tapered cut or the more traditional full-cut shirt? Buttoned up collar or open? Your frame and comfort level will determine the style of dress shirt you ultimately decide on.

4. Fabric Selections

Dress shirts are made from a variety of materials, and depending on the season and your preference, there are several to consider. Linen and cotton fabrics work well for summer, while wool and synthetic materials may work better for cooler seasons.

5. Find Your Neck and Sleeve Length

A dress shirt should have the correct fit in order to make the best impression. Get measured at a tailor to find the fit best for you. Once you have your measurements, finding the right dress shirt is considerably easier.

Final Considerations

Men searching for the right dress shirt should know that there are many ways to approach a dress shirt, depending on the occasion and your personal style.

Written by Breanna Muir