How To Accessorize Men’s Suits

Looking great in a suit is all about the fine details. A suit that is tailored, crisp, and paired with the right accessories can help you stand out in a room. Here are some pointers for men who want to look their best in their suits.

1. The Ties That Bind

Ties can truly help individualize a suit.With so many options available, finding a hue or pattern to fit your personality is a great adventure in and of itself.

2. Ascots

As one of the most formal of men’s accessories, ascots can be worn with men’s suits to achieve a regal appearance. Ascots work well with tuxedos, button-down shirts, and blazers to elevate an already formal look.

3. Shoe Selection

Finding the right shoes will always make a man look better and there are a variety to choose from. From Oxfords to Brogues, Chukkas to Wing Tips, it is a matter of preference.

4. The Watch

Watches are another great way to accessorize a suit. Watches vary from metal to leather and everything in between. Men’s suits deserve a more regal watch, but with an air of simplicity to strike just the right stylistic tone.

5. Pocket Handkerchief

Pocket handkerchiefs come in a variety of colours and patters to add flare to any suit.

Final Style Tips

Men’s suits are all about making an impression. A great suit is essential to every mans wardrobe, and requires a minimum effort to pull off.

Written by Breanna Muir