How to Accessorize Mens Jackets

How To Accessorize Men’s Jackets

Everyone knows that jackets can truly separate the men from the boys. Often, a small detail can take a jacket from run-of-the-mill to stylish. Here are some suggestions to transform even the most basic jackets.

1. Ties

Men have been paring ties with their jackets for years, and there is no simpler way to spruce up a jacket than with a great tie. From traditional patterns to the unconventional, solid block colours and beyond, ties are always a great complement to any jacket.

2. Bow Tie

The bow tie has returned on the scene with a vengeance, popping up on fashionable men’s jackets. With so many options to choose from, a bow tie and jacket can be appropriate for most occasions.

3. Shoes

So many men forget that it’s not just the jacket that will stand out. A great pair of shoes are a fantastic way to compliment a jacket.  A nice pair of brogues, Oxfords, or Chukkas can really ramp up a man’s overall look.

4. Cuff Links

As mentioned earlier, the smallest of details can make any style stand out, especially when it comes to men’s jackets. Cuff links are a true sign of class and distinction and are a great way to demonstrate your dedication to looking your absolute best.

5. Pocket Square

Pocket squares are another small detail that shouldn’t be overlooked for men who are serious about their appearance. Paired with the right jacket, pocket squares are a simple item that can significantly up the style factor.

Other Accessories to Consider

Men’s jackets are a great way to play with a variety of accessories that are accessible to men. Consider a money clip, or a coloured belt, and make the kind of impression that is truly unforgettable.





Written by Breanna Muir