5 Ways to Use Neutral Colors in a Tiny Home

Some of us prefer to be surrounded by the chaos of bright colors and vivid artwork on a regular basis. However, a simpler home with a tight setup is best suited to neutral colors. These shades are conducive to calm thoughts in a tight space that can often produce opposite feelings. Luckily, we’ve outlined 5 ways for you to use neutral colors in a tiny home.

1. Incorporate Varied Colors and Textures

Decorate with the different shades and textures associated with a base color – it will add depth to your tiny space. For instance, if red is your color of choice, find vases, bookshelves, and trinkets in multiple shades (rose, rust, clay, etc.) and accessorize accordingly.

2. Accessorize with the Undertones of Your Wallpaper

Let your wallpaper guide the color of the pieces that will accent a room. Wallpaper usually has a warm or cool undertone that you can match with your room’s décor.

3. Enhance Neutral Tones with Soft Lighting

For lighter neutral colors that reflect the light throughout your room, use soft illumination. It will cast silken shadows across your neutral surfaces. These shadows add depth and definition, creating the illusion of a larger space.

4. Offset Monotony with a Bright Focal Wall

Sometimes neutral colors in a tiny home can be monotonous and boring. To add a vivid splash to each room, use a single wall as your brightly-colored focal point. The remaining walls can serve as the understated complements.

5. Avoid Colors That Aggravate  

Colors like deep red, pitch black, and stark yellow are known to stoke aggression and anxiety from time to time. Avoid the effects these colors have on your mood by choosing soothing hues for each room in your tiny home. Pastel blues, violets and pinks are known to evoke good vibrations.

Experiment Before Finalizing

These tips will act as a loose guide to neutral colors, but we can’t choose the correct hues for you. Research, use your creativity, and experiment with samples before settling on the neutral color that’s best suited to your tiny home.


Written by Emma Vos

Emma is a collector, curator, and culture fanatic. After attending University in Amsterdam for Art History, Emma developed a passion for ceramics, which she now sells in independent shops around the world.