How to Wear a Polo Shirt

5 Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

Regarded as one of the most classic pieces in a man’s wardrobe, polo shirts are an absolute style necessity. The following are some guidelines to consider when wearing a polo shirt.

1. To Button or Unbutton

Polo shirts can be worn completely buttoned to the neck for a classic approach or unbuttoned for a more contemporary one.

2. Embrace the Colour Spectrum

Polo shirts come in an abundance of colours. Depending on the season, your skin tone, frame, and the occasion, polo shirts can be paired with chinos or shorts with ease.

3. No Tucking

Polo shirts must be free flowing, this is a cardinal rule.

4. Fashioned to Fit

Buying polo shirts that are the correct size and fit for your body type are essential. Each company designs and sizes polo shirts slightly differently, so it is important to find the brand that fits your body best.

5. Casual Dress Versus Smart Casual

For a casual look, polo shirts and jeans are a great pairing. For a casual event, polo shirts and dark trousers make a winning combination.

Final Style Tips

Polo shirts are a simple way to achieve a polished appearance. This traditional staple is an inexpensive way to add to the wardrobe that you already own.



Written by Breanna Muir