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10 Ways to Make the Most of Dead Space in Your Home

By definition, a home’s “dead space” is an area where nothing is happening: no furniture, no light, no purpose. However, we firmly believe that you should utilize every available nook and cranny in a tiny home. In keeping with this philosophy, we’ve compiled a list to outline 10 ways to make the most of dead space in your home.

1. Add a Beanbag to Create a Reading Nook

Bookworms will love this idea! There is often a corner of dead space nestled between a wall and bookcase. Fill this space with a fluffy beanbag, mount a small overhead light for evening use, and you’ve got a nifty reading nook.

2. Extend Your Bookcase From Floor to Ceiling

Another tip that will please your inner bookworm. Eliminate dead space by connecting your book cases. This will create a full wall that displays all of your favorite literature.

3. Install Old Drawers in Corners

We all tend to accumulate broken furniture that we don’t care for. Take that old dresser or nightstand apart and use the drawers as space-saving shelves for your vases, magazines, books, and everyday knick-knacks.

4. Occupy Dead Space with Flowers and Potted Plants

Ferns, violets, and windowsill herbs do extremely well in small homes. We think it’s easier to pay attention to everyday things when you’re living simplistically. Find your favorite small plant and treat your dead space to something beautiful.

5. De-Clutter Your Dead Space

You likely have an old piece of furniture or numerous trinkets taking up the junk drawers of your dresser. Instead of holding onto these, clear the clutter and cut your necessities down to must-haves. Dead space benefits from organization too.

6. Invest in a Standing Lamp for Extra Light

Dead-space corners are great places to add extra light, whether they’re located in your living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Invest in a couple of standing lamps to get the most out of these lonely spaces.

7. Install Shelves to Create a Makeshift Pantry

Spice racks and designated pantries can be expensive to install in your kitchen. For a cheaper, more convenient alternative, build shelves out of old drawers or loose plywood for your everyday kitchen items.

8. Hang a Collage of Framed Artwork on Dead Wall Space

Perk up a wall of dead space by hanging your favorite artwork in framed clusters. This is an attention-grabbing and creative to way add some life to an otherwise dull area in your home.

9. Start a Trio of Recycling Bins to Eliminate Clutter and Waste

Grab a trio of bins and designate them to glass, metal, and paper for your recycling needs. These can usually be stacked, and they take up dead space in the most functional way possible. Not to mention, they reduce kitchen clutter while saving the environment.

10. Tuck Board Games Into A Corner for Kiddos

For playrooms or bedrooms that lack of closet space, stack board games neatly in a corner. When it’s time to clean up, tack on a clever title like “Build the Castle” or “Giant’s Pyramid” to fool your children into a well-organized gaming corner.

Think of Dead Space When You’re Buying New Furniture

When considering new furnishings and accessories for your small home, remember to ponder how they will complement your existing pieces. Steer clear of unnecessary items and aim for furniture that makes the most of dead space in your home.

Written by Emma Vos

Emma is a collector, curator, and culture fanatic. After attending University in Amsterdam for Art History, Emma developed a passion for ceramics, which she now sells in independent shops around the world.