MatthaisKaisser_German Plastic

Matthias Kaiser’s Favorite Thing: Vintage German Plastic Bowl

I love things that have a story to tell, things that have suffered damage but survived, things that feed my imagination. Humble things, hidden things, used things.

New things and excellent things and smart things are not true things. Only a flaw turned virtue makes an interesting thing.

This simple bowl has become elegant by taking a few blows. Although its shape was never meant to be perfect, it has nothing left to be taken away.

This vintage German plastic bowl will be shown alongside other plastic items and in dialogue with my work in ceramics at Style Conception in Innsbruck/Austria beginning March 25th.

Photo credit: Jens Preusse

Written by Matthias Kaiser

Matthias Kaiser is a graduate of Parsons School of Design. He has practiced the art of pottery around the world with a handful of its finest experts.

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