Doug Hindson - The Pokot Stool

Doug Hindson’s Favorite Thing: The Pokot Stool

I was born and raised in Kenya, spending the first few years of my life in an area called Pokot. These stools are simple, everyday design classics, crafted by hand from local wood: a testament to the design talent of the region.

Each one is unique, but all are designed to serve both a portable seat and headrest. The idiosyncrasies are what draw me to them; one might have a slightly longer leg than the other, a jaunty tilt, or a pattern from the tools used to carve it.

This particular one is mine, given to me when I was a few years old, so it’s only really suitable for a toddler. I can now only fit one ‘cheek’ at a time.

Written by Doug Hindson

Doug Hindson is a director, animator, illustrator, and maker based in London.

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