Clara & Ilaria of D’s Favorite Thing: Libri illeggibili by Bruno Munari

In 1949 Bruno Munari designed for the first time the Libri illeggibili – Unreadable Books series: a series in which text, the fundamental element of traditional books, is missing. Instead, the paper itself delivers the message through different colors, cuts, and threads that go through the pages.

The book grows from being the medium to being the message itself. So, this message is not pre-defined but multi-sensory and open to change depending on anyone’s imagination and creativity.

Each one of us is free to perceive it not only through sight and touch but also the smell and sound of the different kinds of paper. That’s what we like about this whole project (and the approach of Munari).

His design process is not based on the object itself but is the result of a 360° approach that considers different point of views and, most of all, lets the user become free to influence the final experience.

Written by Clara and Ilaria

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