henrik eiben - ocean

Arjan Janssen’s Favorite Thing: Ocean by Henrik Eiben

After a long renovation I recently moved. The new house is more or less arranged as a gallery. With a neutral grey floor and clean white walls, it’s an ideal space to display my art collection.

One of my most treasured works is Ocean by Henrik Eiben, a very talented artist and a fine fellow. As a work that is both simple and complex, I’ve given Ocean a prominent position in the living room.

It radiates from the wall with its white glow, with details that continue to surprise in different colored fabrics. It reminds me of the beautiful late paintings of Rene Daniels in which he has a tree charting his oeuvre.

These works remind me again of the trees in blossom by Vincent van Gogh, who was inspired by Japanese prints. This shows that above all, art involves a passing down of tradition.

Written by Arjan Janssen

Arjan Janssen is an abstract painter and illustrator based in the Netherlands. His stark work conveys dark themes, which he doesn’t shy away from but faces head on.

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