Horst Kiechle Interview

German-born Horst Kiechle is a paper artist who constructs anatomical paper models. His 3D designs include a torso..

Guillaume Pain Interview

Guillaume Pain, or Tougui, is a French freelance illustrator and graphic designer. Passionate and curious, he likes to..

Ivan Navarro Interview

Ivan Navarro is a contemporary sculptor from Chile. He’s best known for sculptures of fluorescent tubes that politically undermine..

Jack Taylor Interview

London-based artist and illustrator Jack Taylor has always been drawn to creative work. Having recently left his 9-5 day job to pursue..

Lee Rodezno Interview

Lee Rodezno is the founder and director of Javi Design, a design collective with a passion for making everyday products…

Jeremy Koreski Interview

Jeremy Koreski is a photographer based in British Columbia. Koreski started taking photos of friends surfing on the..

Inga Sempe Interview

Inga Sempé is a product designer born in Paris. She opened her studio in 2000 and today, her..

Jonathan Dorthe Interview

Jonathan Dorthe is the founded of Atelier-D. His desire is to reinterpret traditional craft techniques. He uses new..

Nouvelle Étiquette Interview

Nouvelle Étiquette is a creative agency based in France made up of four friends. Their work consists primarily of graphics,..

Luca Halma Interview

Luca Halma is a photographer and graphic design student from The Netherlands. Photography has been a part of Halma’s..

Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias Interview

SmithMatthias is a design studio established by Jack Smith and Gemma Matthias in 2012. The pair have an innate..

Michael Velliquette Interview

Michael Velliquette is a studio artist. His pieces display contemporary sensibilities regarding the handmade, with visual lexicon he has developed in..