Tung’s Favorite Thing: The Brooks B17 Saddle

At Tung, we put many kilometres on our bikes. If we’re not seated at our desks, there’s a..

Mike Mason’s Favorite Thing: The Pantograph

The pantograph is a beautiful mechanism. It’s beautiful in its form, its function, and in its motions. It’s..

Ausrine Augustinaite’s Favorite Thing: The Nokia 3310

My favorite thing is Nokia 3310, released by a Finnish company in 2000. I think this is one of..

ODESD2’s Favorite Thing: Standard Chair by Jean Prouvé

One of our favorite things is the Standard Chair by Jean Prouvé. It’s the legendary model created for..

Anca Gray’s Favorite Thing: Vintage Copco Enamel Tea Kettle

In japanese folklore Tsukumogami are objects which become alive and self aware upon reaching their 100th birthday.  If..

Arjan Janssen’s Favorite Thing: Ocean by Henrik Eiben

After a long renovation I recently moved. The new house is more or less arranged as a gallery…

Anne Jordan’s Favorite Thing: The Volumetric Flask

I inherited this piece of antique lab equipment from a chemistry professor. It is perched on top of..

Tomas Ghisellini’s Favorite Thing: The Polaroid OneStep Land Camera

My favorite thing is the Polaroid OneStep Land Camera. It was first distributed in the Eighties, when I..

Mizko Design’s Favorite Thing: Potence Lamp

Our favorite thing is the Potence Lamp by Jean Prouvé, a founding member of the Union des Artistes..

Johanne Roten’s Favorite Thing: The Slinky

The Slinky is a toy invented by Richard James in the early 1940s. I really like this object..

Alec Babala’s Favorite Thing: L.L. Bean Boots

Growing up in New Hampshire, anything less than a foot of snow overnight meant I was going to..

Matthias Kaiser’s Favorite Thing: Vintage German Plastic Bowl

I love things that have a story to tell, things that have suffered damage but survived, things that..