Andreas Friberg Lundgren’s Favorite Thing: Leather Passport Holder

When my father was 16 years old, he spent a Christmas holiday working at a boutique selling gloves..

Amoo’s Favorite Thing: The Copenhagen Ashtray by André Ricard

The Copenhagen Ashtray’s beauty is self-explanatory. A classic. Despite defining a place, a period, and a specific social..

Alberto Campo Baeza’s Favorite Thing: The Lounge Chair by Maarten Van Severen

When asked about my favorite piece, I always reply that the Lounge Chair by Maarten Van Severen is my favorite piece..

Will McCallum’s Favorite Thing: Ping Pong Table

I love it when someone takes a regular everyday object and remakes it, with more simple forms and..

Sebastien Paquereau’s Favorite Thing: Bic Crystal Pen

We really like the Bic crystal pen designed by László Bíró and Marcel Bich. It is very simple..

Paul Bellila’s Favorite Thing: La Valentine

One of my favorite design objects is the typewriter, La Valentine, by Ettore Sottsass. More than being just..

Luca Corvatta’s Favorite Thing: Stapler

I’m not sure if it is my favorite object but it is one that fascinates me for sure…

Levan Lominashvili’s Favorite Thing: The Ghost Armchair

My favorite thing is The Ghost Armchair by Cini Boeri and Tomu Katayanagi for Fiam Italia. Besides utilitarian..

Andreas Samuelsson’s Favorite Thing: The Ulmer Hocker

If I were to choose one item that I have in my studio, it would be my Ulmer..

Mike Balitsaris’ Favorite Thing: The St. Christopher Bag

St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers, which is fitting for this bag.  I made the original..

Doug Hindson’s Favorite Thing: The Pokot Stool

I was born and raised in Kenya, spending the first few years of my life in an area called..

Clara & Ilaria of D’s Favorite Thing: Libri illeggibili by Bruno Munari

In 1949 Bruno Munari designed for the first time the Libri illeggibili – Unreadable Books series: a series in..